Psychedelics Will Save the World

As incredible as the title is, I firmly believe it’s true.

The most succinct way I can sell psychedelics is this:

  • A thought is a series of neurons being fired in a sequence.
  • Hallucinogens work by making neurons that would not normally fire, fire.
  • Therefore: the human mind cannot help but eventually iterate over all possible thoughts.
  • This destroys any self-closure (default mode network) functionality, and allows the brain to evaluate concepts without a filter based on past experience.
  • This invariably leads to ego death, and more importantly, a breakdown of the concept of subjectivity. Ergo, everyone will be “on the same page” of understanding.
  • Further, those who have experienced psychedelics first-hand cannot deny the positive life-altering effects they experience. Ergo, each who is touched cannot be opposed.

This will, I believe, lead to mass enlightenment and the “saving of the world”, so to speak.